88% of consumers watch ads during live TV, survey says

It can be more than easy to imagine most TV viewers flicking the kettle on or scanning Twitter during live TV ad breaks, but new research could potentially put that myth to bed.

According to a survey by live ad insertion specialist Yospace, 88% of viewers do watch the ads.

More specifically, the research found instead of wanting to switch off, 78% of  viewers would much rather see ads that were personally relevant to them.

The research took into account the opinions of over 2,000 UK consumers and examined views and behaviours surrounding live TV.

If an ad was personally targeted toward a viewer, the survey continued, over half of consumers said they’d be likely to then look up the relevant product or service online and nearly 80% saying they’d look in store for a product.

Live advertising needs to be fast forwarded into the future generation – the interest in watching ads is evident

Taking follow-up action after seeing an ad while watching live TV is more common than you’d think, the research added, with 62% saying they’d already taken a follow-up action after watching one.

It was younger viewers who said they were more likely to do so, however, with the 16 -24 age range scoring highest.

Personalised advertising and contextually relevant ads are however the ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to soliciting positive responses from consumers. But if you get it wrong, or show irrelevant ads, expect the pendulum to swing in a vastly different direction.

According to the research, a quarter of respondents said they’d switch channel if there were technical issues with ads on live TV and a fifth would think less of the broadcaster.

“Opinions were very strong in the survey, particularly among the younger audiences who will have a significant influence on advertising trends in the future. Live advertising needs to be fast forwarded into the future generation – the interest in watching ads is evident," said Yospace CEO Tim Sewell.

“However, replacement advertisements need to be selected according to the demographic of the viewer, in real-time and delivered seamlessly to make today’s audiences sit up and take notice." 

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