Poor content marketing and one in three customers will move, tech brands warned

Poor content marketing and one in three customers will move, tech brands warned Liz Morrell is a freelance business journalist and content creator with more than 20 years writing experience, including 15 in retail and associated sectors. She is a regular contributor to MarketingTech but also covers a number of other industries in her freelance capacity. Contact her via LinkedIn or at liz@techforge.pub.


The value of good quality content marketing is important in all industries but in the technology industry brands risk more than a third of their customers (34%) switching to a competitor if the content they produce falls in quality.

As well as risking customer migration to competitors such brands would also face brand harm, according to a new study by content marketing platform NewsCred. The study showed that low quality or infrequently published content would prompt more than a quarter (27%) of consumers to believe that the brand was out of touch or not up to date with customer habits.

18% of consumers meanwhile said that they would feel that customer engagement wasn’t important to such brands. Such negativity could also feed through to perception of product quality too with 16% saying that they would expect a technology brand that produced poor quality content to also sell poor quality products.

Two thirds of consumers said that they felt that good quality content was important to a tech brand’s reputation and trustworthiness whilst loyalty was also tied closely to quality of content with more than half (53%) of consumers saying that they would stay loyal to a brand that produced high quality content.

The study also looked at the type of content consumers were after from such brands with help and information about products topping the list for nearly half (47%) of respondents and video tutorials for 29%.

When it comes to specific subjects the issue of data privacy topped the list that UK consumers wanted to learn more about with 40% wanting educating about data privacy. Useful technology tips was the top choice for 37% of consumers whilst a further third wanted brands to guide the way on future technologies via quality content.

The study also showed that technology brands need to produce their own content rather than rely on contributors with less than one in ten saying that they believe online user reviews.

NewsCred CEO Shafqat Islam said: “Historically, good reviews from reputable publications coupled with traditional advertising were enough to move inventory. Today, with information available at the simple swipe of a screen, the journey has become a lot more complex, often beginning several months before product launch,” he said.

With consumers eager for early information about technology products Islam added technology brands had to keep on top of content strategies. “The volume of conflicting information can often be a hindrance rather than help, but this means it’s crucial for tech brands to execute their own content strategies to ensure that honest, accurate and reputable information is published for consumers to rely on,” he said.

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