Why retailers remain lost in a digital asset management jungle

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Retailers are spending an immense amount of time searching among vast stocks of media files and require suitable software for efficient digital asset management (DAM), according to research from Ovum conducted on behalf of DAM provider WoodWing Software.

Though retailers claim that they utilise proper digital asset management strategies and processes, 38% of them spend five to 10 hours per week searching for files and 17% spend over 10 hours on searches.

As regular readers of this publication will know, the latest discussions in the retail industry revolve around multichannel communication and marketing automation. As a result, retailers are faced with the challenge of efficiently managing huge stocks of digital media files.

Sue Clarke, Ovum senior analyst, said: “Retailers must have the appropriate software in place to allow users to speedily access the digital assets they require to produce materials across multiple channels including print, direct mail, email, online advertising, television, print advertising, and social media.

“DAM provides a dedicated repository and the functionality required to manage digital assets, allowing reuse across all of these channels for delivery through multiple devices,” she added.

The whitepaper details retailer issues in developing content for multiple channels and languages, the key struggles retailers encounter with DAM and the relevance of DAM integration with other business systems, as well as the requirement for transferring digital assets to mobile devices. Naturally WoodWing Software’s DAM offering “Elvis DAM” is a secure storage and management solution for media files.

The study by Ovum surveyed 250 retailers in the US and the UK and the results can be accessed in a free 26-page whitepaper titled, “Making the case for digital asset management in retail.”

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