Marketers need to do more to deliver holistic customer journey approach


Marketers need to better integrate their marketing tech if they want to better deliver on a holistic customer journey approach to their marketing, according to a new whitepaper from Yieldr.

The approach is needed if they are to be successful since consumers are making more informed decisions and consulting more sources through more channels than ever. And yet some companies fail to do enough, the company claims. “Incorporating a DMP (data management platform) into your marketing mix is imperative to piecing together the customer journey however much more needs to go into your tech implementation than simply selecting a DMP and pressing the Go button,” says the whitepaper.

It suggests that using one system to cover all media spend gives better results – with greater control on spend, conversion attribution and real-time optimisation based on historical data for example.

Incorporating a data management platform (DMP) into your marketing mix is imperative to piecing together the customer journey – however much more needs to go into your implementation than selecting a DMP and pressing go

Data needs to be able to flow freely within the business rather than get caught up in organisational silos, the whitepaper suggests. And this doesn’t just mean bringing in sales and marketing but departments from business intelligence to revenue management and customer service - all of whom can be some of the largest keepers of data within a business.

“By uniting these functionalities data can be syndicated, activated and used where it belongs – as part of customer experience management – and not left in separate silos,” says the whitepaper.

Such a move could also help better achieve on one of the biggest trends this year, that of the move to cross device targeting. Better connecting such data – whether it’s tied to email, a physical address or cookies allows huge opportunities for marketers to exploit.

By taking a holistic customer journey approach there are many benefits – from greater campaign success thanks to integration to more relevant messaging through personalisation. Whether businesses are reacting fast enough to such opportunities however remains to be seen.

“Customers embark on very different journeys with different lengths,” says Yieldr in the whitepaper. “In order to understand these unique paths to purchase it’s imperative that not only your marketing department is alighned but your entire organisation.

“From there you can open up various data channels that can lead to crucial insights into your customers and prospects that can allow you to successfully communicate throughout the entire customer journey,” the company says. 

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