Mobile email opens increase but conversions fall in third quarter


Mobile email opens are at their highest point ever, and yet mobile email conversions are on the decline, according to a new report published this week.

The research shows that mobile email opens are now at their highest rate yet in the third quarter of 2015 despite a dip in the second quarter. Mobile email opens now account for 73% of email opens, compared to 69% last quarter and 71% in Q1.

The growth is being particularly driven by a growth in the rate of opens on smartphones – up from 42% in the previous quarter to 47% in this quarter and 7% up on a year ago. Tablet device openings of emails however have fallen to 26%, down 3% on the same period last year.

iPhone opens dominated the open rate – up 2% on the previous quarter to account for 37% of all email opens in the UK. Desktop accounted for 27% of opens and the iPad 25% of opens. Android’s accounted for only 9% of opens and Android tablet for only 1% of opens.

However despite the increase in opens email conversions from mobile devices are on the decline, according to the report. It shopped that since the last quarter mobile conversions dropped by 2% to 57%, although they still outnumber desktop’s 43% conversion rate.

The data, from Movable Ink’s Consumer Device Preference Report, collates data from July through to September from more than 124 million emails analysed by the company. 

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