Email marketers making basic mistakes around call to actions, course data shows


Email marketers are failing to realise the potential of call to actions (CTA) within their email marketing programmes, according to a new report which highlights a number of misunderstandings and misconceptions.

The results, from email provider Mailjet, showed a failure to fully understand the impact of call to actions with 28% thinking that call to action buttons could not be A/B tested. The study also showed that 12% said that they believed the first thing that readers looked for was a call to action button whilst 10% believed that best practice was about using as many call to action buttons as needed.

In reality, testing of the appearance, placement and content of a call to action button can actually be highly effective in improving conversion rates for individual campaigns and different audiences according to the study. The company’s analytics show that a single CTA button is most effective at driving conversions.

The study also showed that one in four of participants were unaware how a click-rate was calculated whilst just over one in 10 thought that keeping the content of emails short would keep the size of an email low.

The results follow in-person workshops with a number of start-up communities as well as beta testing of a new free online course to help learn the fundamentals of email marketing which was released this week. The four module course, the Flight Academy, aims to help both experienced and novice marketers improve the effectiveness of their email marketing.  

Amir Jirbandey, inbound marketing lead at Mailjet said: “When it’s done right, email marketing can be an incredibly powerful and cost-effective tool for small businesses to deepen customer relationships and drive revenue. But when it’s done wrong it can be a headache and damaging for all involved.”

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