Organisational silos still hamper omnichannel strategies


Organisational silos – rather than inadequate technology – continue to hamper the dream of an omnichannel presence for many companies according to a new report.

As businesses strive to deliver a seamless customer experience an omnichannel presence is vital – enabling a business to operate across whatever channel the consumer wants to use. And it’s something that’s high on the wish list for most with 79% of senior executives citing improving the customer experience as a strategic priority.

However the report, 'Creating A Seamless Customer Experience', which has been published by The Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Panasonic, reiterates the fact that many companies remain at an early stage in creating their omnichannel presence. Whilst their consumers look at the whole transaction and are after simplicity, speed and accuracy across all channels the report says that by contrast company executives continue to think in terms of individual platforms.

In part this is because of a lack of progress on better integrating their organisations. The research showed that few companies have created roles such as chief customer officer in order to lead the customer journey evolution and that many still have very basic work to do on integrating content between different platforms. It also showed that less than a third track customer behaviour across channels.

Not having the direction from the top or the ability to work outside of organisational silos is hampering business. More than a third (36%) of those surveyed said that silos within their organisation were the biggest issue whilst for a quarter (24%) it was the lack of senior management vision driving such a strategy. In contrast relatively few blamed technology for their failure to create a seamless experience.

And yet it’s something businesses can’t afford to ignore since close to three quarters of customers say they will stop doing business with a company following a bad experience and more than half would complain to friends and family. Half of all consumers meanwhile cited a lack of interest in customer satisfaction as the biggest barrier they saw to good customer service. 

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16 Apr 2015, 3:23 p.m.

Interesting to read that 79% of senior executives cite improving customer experience as a strategic priority, this is something that we work hard to help our clients achieve at Platform. There can be no doubt with the evolution of omni channel strategies that brands have the opportunity to be smarter in their thinking and their engagement with their customers. Creative ideas can now be rolled out across all channels and if brands work hard to personalise their messaging according to both the audience and the channel they're communicating through they can create engaging and innovative ways to interact with an ever increasingly technologically savvy audience.
We have found more 'experience' driven communications and experiential techniques such as Customer Experience Centres are becoming more widely used with brands as they engage staff and customers while utilising technology and data to create learnings that can help understand the customer, identify new business strategies and really drive business growth.