Making progress with understanding the complete customer journey


Marketers have long struggled with pulling together all the data they need across all the different channels they operate to have a full understanding of their customer journeys but a new solution from Progress claims to overcome such challenges.

The company has launched an update of its Sitefinity platform that has created a Digital Marketing Command Centre that allows marketers to pull together omni-channel data and analyse it in real time and orchestrate customer journeys across devices and channels. It follows the integration of the Telerik Sitefinity CMS and the Telerik Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud which enables a central repository of individual customer interactions. 

Its makers claims that this will enable digital marketers to now have a strong understanding of the customer’s best next step – enabling them to better anticipate the customers’ moves and allowing them to personalise engagement across channels.

The new release also enables features including persona management – allowing profiling and targeting based on visitor activities, integration with third party sources, advanced customer analytics and automated lead scoring and management,

Svetozar Georgiev, senior vice president, application platforms at Progress said that marketers currently lack visibility of the entire customer journey and are therefore unable to react quickly enough to keep up with demand.

“To be successful, marketers have to understand the complete customer journey, yet with customer data spread among multiple channels, enterprise marketing leaders struggle to attain visibility into customer journeys that would help predict and guide to future marketing and sales strategies,” he said.

The new system allows marketers “to turn on a dime”, he claimed – speeding up the mapping and reaction to the customer journey.


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