How mobile audiences are driving the growth of video


Mobile audiences are proving to be the most popular for the growth of video consumption and advertising growth, according to new figures.

The Q1 2015 Global Video Index from Telstra subsidiary Ooyala shows that mobile devices made up 42% of all online viewing during the first quarter of this year. Of those views it was smartphones that particularly drove the growth – accounting for four times as many plays than tablets during the period.

The report also showed that TV broadcasters, compared to publishers and brands, accounted for more than half of all views on mobile devices, illustrating the shift for video advertising from PCs to mobile devices.

Mobile is growing fast. In the first quarter plays on tablets and smartphones combined increased more than 24%. The figure is 100% up on the same period last year and 367% up over the past two years.

The report showed that when an ad starts on tablets for TV broadcasters the ad completes 89% of the time compared to 79% of the time for smartphone users. In the first quarter TV broadcasters saw 53% of their content played on mobile devices compared to 31% for publishers and brands.

The figures suggest that by the end of this year viewing on mobile will make up half of all online viewing.

“Our data is indicative of the rapid pace of change in consumer viewing behaviour, which creates new challenges and opportunities for content producers, service providers, and advertisers,” said Jay Fulcher, chief executive officer of Ooyala.  “We’re seeing a confluence of major trends that are reshaping audiences on a massive scale – in particular, ubiquitous TV-capable mobile devices, and a major influx of premium content streaming to, and in many cases produced for, over-the-top services. A mobile-first mentality with a keen eye on personalisation has never been more important.”

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