How data is impacting content marketing more than ever

How data is impacting content marketing more than ever
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Data is impacting content marketing more than ever in today’s world, a new report from the Content Marketing Association (CMA) reveals this week.

The 2015 Content Marketing and Data Intelligence report showed that 92% of CMA members use customer data as part of their content marketing strategy. 83% meanwhile said they hoped to use more data this year to inform their content marketing strategies.  

The survey of members by the CMA showed that more than three quarters (78%) of respondents said that data was very important to their content marketing strategies whilst a further one in four (19.8%) rated it as important.

The results also showed an increased consideration of the value of real-time data with 41% saying this was very important as part of an effective content strategy and 45% saying it was important.

There are mixed feelings over data ownership and use however, with opinion on how data regulation would affect content marketing somewhat varied. Just over a quarter (26%) of those surveyed said that regulation would positively affect content marketing whilst 42% believed it would have a negative impact. Almost a third (32%) felt it would have no impact.

There was also a divide over whether people felt that regulation around data protection should be stricter with nearly a third (30%) saying yes, 45% saying maybe and the remainder saying no.

And there were divisions over ownership of data too – with 56% feeling that the data was owned by the client and 40% that it was owned by the consumer.

The content marketing industry is now worth more than £4 billion and represents £1 in every £4 spent on marketing according to the Content Marketing Association (CMA) with budgets allocated to content marketing currently forecast to rise by around 25% a year.

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