This new tool utilises predictive machine learning for content marketing

This new tool utilises predictive machine learning for content marketing
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A new tool has launched this week that its founders claim will help content marketers by allowing them to automatically inject relevant marketing materials into any email campaign, using any marketing platform.

The new tool, Next Best Content, is powered by personalisation tech specialist AVARI’s predictive analysis and machine learning technology that it claims helps to determine what each person wants to read next in real-time. The tool pulls from a brand’s content marketing arsenal to inject anything from articles to data sheets, guides, infographics or videos into a brand’s email campaign.

Rather than setting rules, segments or triggers AVARI finds the best content based on understanding each user’s history, current activity and predicted intent. The company claims that by using both explicit and implicit data for the recommendations – such as reading time or form abandonment – as well as real time machine learning optimisation brand marketers are able to achieve true one-to-one content personalisation.

“Companies are putting big money into content marketing but getting it in front of the right people is one of the biggest challenges brand publishers face,” said AVAI CEO and co-founder Kevin Dykes.

“AVARI’s Next Best Content makes it incredibly simple to determine an individual’s interests and present exactly the items that will drive them closer to conversion. It’s a big leap forward for optimisation of the content marketing funnel using a marketer’s most powerful channel – email,” he said.

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