comScore uses Trust Profiles to rally ad industry against bot menace


Digital measurement firm comScore has taken a step closer to uniting marketers against a common enemy that threatens the advertising industry’s very profitability.

Bots are embroiled in a war with marketers who are buying ads that consumers never get the chance to see because they are instead subjected to fraudulent impressions from these bots, but comScore believes its Trust Profiles hold the answer.

The new solution lets advertisers use comScore’s advertising metrics to view how much human or bot traffic is running through their chosen site. Data is then coupled with a programmatic trading platform to ensure the best quality inventory is being purchased.

Raising publishers’ value

There are no shortage of supporters for Trust Profiles, with Andrew Casale, president and CEO, Index Exchange pointing out that publishers will now have the chance to offer better value to advertisers.

"Giving premium publishers the ability to showcase their high-quality inventory using independent metrics will undoubtedly help them raise their value in the increasingly crowded programmatic supply landscape,” he said.

“Enhancing transparency represents a step forward in raising the level of trust marketers have in the ecosystem, by reducing the chances cloaked, obfuscated, and spoofed media can penetrate marketer wallets."

Trust Profiles use the IAB’s Trustworthy Digital Supply Chain Initiative, the goal of which is to eliminate fraudulent traffic, combat malware, fight internet piracy, promote brand safety and create accountability.

Bots vs blindness

While much of the advertising industry is trying to fend off bots, Jeremy Arditi, Teads’ UK MD and senior vice president of sales, thinks advertising blindness should be the primary concern for marketers.

“One of the biggest threats to viewability is user behaviour rather than fraud. Today’s internet users have developed lightening quick reflexes to avoid advertising they do not wish to watch,” he explained.

“They open a new tab or window; mute the sound the very instant an unwanted advertisement appears in front of their video content. Adverts have more value when web users intentionally view them.”

Arditi’s views have not been heard by comScore, though, which stated how Trust Profiles will roll out to MediaMath, Turn, The Trade Desk, Rubicon Project and Eyereturn Marketing throughout this quarter.

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