Virtual reality becomes a more accessible marketing tool for brands

Wearable headsets capable of producing virtual reality (VR) environments are not as wide spread as some brands would like. However one company is investigating a more accessible solution.

Creative technology agency Knit has been working with Google Cardboard, a folding smartphone mount that users wear over their eyes, mimicking the functionality of VR devices, to create a usable solution that brands can use in marketing.

Through its NFC-enabled Cardboard Objects, Knit wanted to create a prototype that could help companies market their products in a more immersive way by adding new features to Google’s VR headset.

Four objects were explored by the agency, including a postcard that transports the wearer to its location. The experience could be expanded to include 360-degree content generation using Google Photosphere too.

Automotive engagement objects

A key object could be used car companies to unlock areas or objects in a VR experience, such as new car models. While Knit also tested trading cards and character objects for game-related scenarios.

Previously Cardboard was limited to panning functionality and a magnet switch on the side, but Tom Wood, founding partner at experience design agency Foolproof, sees these objects as an altogether better experience for users.

“Google Cardboard Object’s use of NFC brilliantly eliminates some of the more fiddly parts of the user experience of Google Cardboard,” he said. “This has the potential to make brand experiences slicker and opens up more opportunities for brands, particularly those offering experiences.”

Compared to the apps currently available on cardboard, that offer an experience lasting less than five minutes, these new ideas will fuel consumers’ urge to collect all the objects that work with the same app, creating a far lengthier use cycle.

Knit demonstrates its concept in the video below:

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