Parenting retail sites failing to maximise marketing potential


As if they didn’t have enough to contend with, new research suggests that many parent, baby and child sites are failing to meet the needs of their digital and mobile savvy parents or parent to be customers and could be losing sales as a result.

The conclusion follows a study by equimedia of 65 leading websites in the mother, baby and child retailer space as well as recent studies and TGI data on the market sector.

The research found a number of sites were, in particular, failing to deliver mobile optimised experiences for their customers with just over a quarter (26%) of the sites deemed not mobile friendly. Nearly of third (32%) of the sites served content that was wider than a smartphone screen whilst nearly all (91%) had buttons that were judged to be too close together to use on a smartphone. Just over a quarter (26%) served content that was too small to read on such a device.

The research also showed that page load speeds for mobile sites for the leading retail sites surveyed was an average of 4.37 seconds. It was found that more than three quarters (78%) could do more to improve load times with nearly a third (32%) requiring significant improvements to improve load times to better satisfy customers.

The implications of the above are huge since research by BabyCentre in 2015 found that nearly half (48%) of Millennial mums aged 18 to 32 do at least half of their shopping online and are heavy smartphone users – meaning that a mobile friendly experience is essential from those marketing to such customers.

The research also looked at how good such sites were at marketing themselves via social media – finding that only 61% had blogs to allow for greater social sharing and that most were missing out on the opportunities of Pinterest for marketing their businesses despite the tool being at the very heart of the millennial mum’s desire to share images. 


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