Analytics tool claims to be set to revolutionise kiosk marketing

Analytics tool claims to be set to revolutionise kiosk marketing
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A new kiosk analytics tool could solve the logistical challenges of deploying and managing in-store mobile consumer facing devices, it is claimed.

MokiTouch 2, a kiosk software application from cloud-based software provider Moki, now includes a new Insights analytics component that it is claimed will allow marketers to measure the effectiveness of a mobile marketing campaign or instore kiosk placement. The tool will allow the tracking of customer interaction at both aggregate and device level.

The tool works with the use of a front-facing camera with gesture detection to measure actual device usage and then deliver in-store engagement analytics and insights in real time. Moki Insights includes a number of advanced metrics that include impressions (the number of people that notice a customer facing device), views (how long they linger in front of the device), digital interactions (how many people interact with a device) and average session durations.

Other features of MokiTouch 2 – an update on the original kiosk application – include features to display or loop video, provide open or restricted internet browsing, customise themes and colours to match a brand and exhibit web-based video or image content to connect and engage with customers.

Another integrated tool – Moki Total Control – enables users to manage and secure multiple or remote devices. Provided through a paid subscription the tool provides critical content management, application updates and device health monitoring.

“As retailers and businesses across the board, large and small, experiment with the use of consumer facing devices in their locations, they quickly recognise the potential and need for analytics tools and comprehensive remote management capabilities,” said Tom Karren, CEO and co-founder of Moki.

“The powerful combination of Insights and Total Control enables businesses to dynamically analyse the results of in-store marketing campaigns through MokiTouch 2 – all from one centralised dashboard – enabling them to adjust their content and strategy accordingly,” he added.

MokiTouch 2 is available on iTunes and Google Play. 

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