API launch enabling brands to engage through chat apps aims to change face of digital marketing


The launch of the world’s first API that will allow brands to engage consumers through chat applications promises yet again to change the current face of digital marketing.

Cloud communications specialist Nexmo has launched the Nexmo Chat App API as the latest addition to its cloud communication portfolio of communications APIs and services meaning that brands are now able to choose whether to engage with mobile consumers via voice, SMS or chat applications.

The functionality is enabled through WeChat and Line, with brands able to immediately sign up for beta access to the new cloud API.

Chris Moore, VP of Chat App Hub Business at Nexmo said chat applications offer a new opportunity for brands to instantly and genuinely engage with their customers via their preferred communications channel.

“We’re coming to an age where companies are beginning to focus their brand less on individual apps and, instead, reach customers in chat applications. We will help those brands realise this future by helping them connect with customers however and wherever they are in the world,” he said.

Mark Winther, group vice president and consulting partner of worldwide telecommunications at IDC says that chat applications offer a huge opportunity for brands who want a presence on highly trafficked platforms and with the ability to engage with consumers in one on one situations on their preferred channel. “As brands rush to these communications channels those who will win will figure out how to hold genuine one to one communications on as many platforms as possible,” he said. 

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