BOOM! AudioBoo rebrands to AudioBoom in “fundamental” name change

Audio content sharing provider audioBoo has rebranded and changed name to audioBoom, alongside putting together an iOS mobile app which works across all iDevices.

Why the name change? It’s a simple one letter addition, but it works on more than one level. As a piece of audio on the site is – or was – known as a ‘boo’, the company found it difficult getting brands and partners to ask their followers to ‘boo’ them on social media.

Add in the word ‘boom’ being a key element of sports coverage on Twitter, used to particular effect by Piers Morgan for instance, as well as the link between the word ‘boom’ and microphones, and audio recording, and it’s a natural fit.

Robert Proctor, audioBoom CEO, tells MarketingTech the move was an “obvious and fundamental” change for the company.

“We spent a few weeks knocking stuff around and then somebody who is a massive Twitter user said ‘boom?’” he explains, adding: “When the company was founded, if they’d have thought about it a bit longer I think ‘boom’ was the best name, actually.”

Given Proctor joined the company in October 2012, it’s easy to use hindsight. The company toyed with the idea of using the extra ‘m’ to create a name of ‘audioBoo Goes Mobile’, in reference to its iOS revamp, but later dismissed it as “corny.”

The new iOS app comes with a completely redesigned user interface, swipe-based navigation, as well as offline capability, which is great for anyone who wants to use audioBoom to commute by Tube.

For Proctor, the move to mobile is an important one.

“The phone is in your pocket, and you don’t want to keep looking at the screen, and looking at lists, and searching,” he explains. “It’s all about a seamless listening experience. It’s really fundamental with where we think listening needs to go on mobile.”

Other new features, based on user suggestions, include recommended content based on AI, as well as a feature called ‘The Daily Download’, which downloads new content users subscribe to overnight.

With more than three million registered users, the company has seen a particular spike in the past few months, with a record number of hits in September with football’s transfer deadline day – a total of 2,051,220 unique users logging in for the latest news, mainly from the Sky Sports News and talkSPORT content streams.

It’s this which makes audioBoom “pretty unique” in the space today, according to the CEO. And don’t make the mistake of thinking SoundCloud is the company’s main competition.

“SoundCloud is 99.9% music,” Proctor says. “They’ve got rid of the ability to record on their own app. They’re making it quite clear with their move to license music, they’re all about the labels.

“It’s got nothing to do, really, with community at this point. And we’re definitely all about spoken word.

“We both work with audio files, so we’re similar from that point of view,” Proctor concedes.

audioBoom also confirmed an Android app would be available within approximately four weeks.

Read more about the name change in a blog post here. What do you make of the rebrand?

Picture credit: audioBoom

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