Got an iPhone? You’re most likely to be a Brad Pitt fan, according to data

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“Well let’s find a one-legged Showaddywaddy freak and flog ‘em to him!” Rodney replies. “And if he turns up in a Triumph Herald, we’ve had a result!”

Why did this scene come to mind at MarketingTech HQ? The latest research data which filled our inbox has shown that iPhone users are most likely to be fans of Brad Pitt, prefers crime movies, drives a BMW and drinks bottled water.

The figures are taken from digital advertising intelligence firm Exponential, who analysed ‘anonymous’ consumer viewing habits of 1.7 million Britons.

The boffins came up with the data through over-indexing: every site visited is logged and assigned to one of 50,000 attributes or interest groups, which are then cross-referenced against the other groups. Exponential insists as the data is logged at the server level, everyone’s viewing habits remain distinctly private.

What else did the study uncover? HTC owners will be thriller-watching, Nissan Murano drivers who are most likely to cheer on Roger Federer at Wimbledon, while Motorola device owners have a remarkably strong affinity for actress Emma Watson – 89 times the average.

Aside from the minutiae of who likes what, Expontential argues there is a more practical use for this data, which brands may be missing out on.

“This type of data is very useful to help companies advertise more effectively,” said Francesca Baker, Exponential EMEA insights manager. “For instance, it shows Motorola would do well to sign up Emma Watson, or do a marketing push around her latest film release.

“Lionel Messi advertises Samsung phones but he’d have a much bigger impact for Nokia – people interested in Messi are four times more likely to be researching Nokia than Samsung,” she added.

The study covered Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony devices across celebrities, movie genre, cars, health and food and drink preferences.

Take a look at the full infographic below. Do these trends align with your smartphone choice?

Photo credit: Sam Javanrouh




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