Apple mobile device targeting leads wave of updates to Adobe Marketing Cloud

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Adobe has rolled out support for iBeacon in the latest batch of updates to its Adobe Marketing Cloud product, making it possible for marketers to target content using the location of shoppers.

Media can now be sent across a number of channels to consumers, with marketers being able to deliver a promotional message through a retailer’s app when a shopper is in a specific store.

Using Marketing Cloud, marketers are able to follow the previous action up with an email campaign personalised to the specific consumer’s previous shopping habits. Data can then be collected from retail stores, sports stadia or any other iBeacon-supported points of interest.

Samsung support?

Apple’s iBeacon was recently joined by a competitor of its own. Samsung has released Proximity, an integrated system that will support only its devices, but there was no mention by Adobe of support for this and the company has not responded to Marketing Tech’s call for comment.

If Adobe does not currently support Proximity, then it is highly likely the firm will add it in the future because of Samsung’s market share is too large to ignore. Market research company IDC reports that the manufacturer leads global shipments as of third-quarter 2014 despite a year-on-year decline.

Beacon support is not the only additional functionality in this Marketing Cloud update, Adobe has added mobile app testing and a feature that lets marketers bid on search ads across a number of mobile devices.

Multi-device search ad bidding

Mobile Bid Adjustments (MBAs) are automated so that it takes milliseconds to adjust bids based on targeted device, audience, time-of-day and location. Elsewhere Adobe Media Optimizer takes into account conversion rates for retail ad campaigns on tablets and desktops vs smartphones.

There is also the new Adobe Social App that marketers will have access to in this latest update. Similar to Salesforce, Adobe’s tool enables brands to publish, route and approve social content. It also lets users upload assets, share ideas with internal team members and suspend posts in the event of a crisis situation.

Marketing Cloud processes 2.5 trillion mobile transactions each year from clients including A+E Networks,, Apollo Education Group, CBS Interactive, First Energy, NBCUniversal and Wyndham Hotel Group.

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