Tech vendors appear on new diagram of digital marketing world

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Marketers’ hunger for chart-based imagery of their industry can be seen through the availability of Lumascape charts and now analyst firm Real Story Group has joined the party with an update to its marketing technology vendor map.

Real Story has designed the infographic to have a similar aesthetic to the New York subway map, with different coloured lines representing specific marketing channels, including web content, digital asset management and automation.

One visually appealing aspect of the map is its ability to see where different routes collide and which vendors are managing multiple channels at some of the industry’s more substantial intersections.

Specialist vendors

Although, Founder of the Real Story Group, Tony Byrne, does warn against immediately heading for the more well-known vendors. In a post on the company’s blog, Byrne suggests giving consideration to some of the smaller companies towards the map’s periphery.

“Some long-term trends persist. Most notably for you the customer: a plethora of point solutions await in "the periphery." The lesson here is, while center cities are fun and exciting, sometimes the suburbs represent a better fit,” Byrne explained.

Compared to previous incarnations of Real Story’s technology map, Byrne also noted how Microsoft has reduced its marketing technology footprint by moving away from digital marketing, media management and mobile middleware.

Check out the map below or download higher resolution versions from Real Story.

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