Havas and Sky release mobile ad measurement trial findings in case study

Nationwide, Domino’s and Birds Eye have taken part in mobile advertising measurement trials on a selection of Sky’s websites, with the results now being made public.

Havas Media Group and Sky Media, the two companies behind the research, discovered that the best results were often gained by ensuring creative was intriguing, fun and interactive so it was able to stand out on the page.

Research agencies Differentology and On Device Research supplied detailed feedback on how the three brands fared when their ads appeared inside the Sky Sports, Football Score Centre and Sky News mobile apps.

Relevancy of native

Native was a standout performer of the different ad types that were tested. Consumers found them to be more relevant and engaging than standard banner ads. They also tended to reduce irritation, but retain strong cut-through levels.

When combining brand perception across the three brands, a 13% rise from the non-exposed to the exposed dataset was reported and when brand consideration was added there was a 9% increase for those who were exposed.

Birds Eye saw particular success targeting consumers at a point when they were more enthusiastic and excited, noting a 70% hike in message absorption and brand effect enhancements.

Fun and engaging

Creative and formats that were on the fun side delivered a greater cut through, while interactivity achieved greater engagement, however David Fisher, head of futures at Sky Media, did advise against completely disregarding standard formats.

“Standard mobile advertising formats clearly work, but brands should consider more advanced, high impact and native formats to produce even greater engagement,” he said.

“This research is evidence that exciting new format opportunities in the right environment can deliver vastly enhanced brand metrics.”

Sky and Havas’ research was undertaken between June and August 2014, using data from more than 2,600 mobile app users in both lab and live tests.

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