Adpoints unleashes mobile offering, aims for TV by end of year

Ad incentivisation provider Adpoints, best known for its partnership with Nectar, has launched a mobile version of its product, meaning customers can now get Nectar points by viewing adverts on their smartphones or tablets.

The move comes amidst a huge growth in mobile advertising revenues in the UK, with recent figures from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) confirming mobile ad spend had broken the £1bn mark in 2013, from £529m in 2012, now accounting 16% of overall digital ad spend.

Adpoints currently has a membership base of 400,000 on its desktop platform, so the company felt it was the right time to move over to mobile.

Martin Pugh, Adpoints CEO, told of how important the move was and calls his company’s ethos ‘smart boredom’.

“I think it’s massive,” he told MarketingTech. “[Mobile] is obviously a vast industry now in its own right, but we think for us in particular that our proposition really lends itself to mobile.

“The idea that one of the ways people consume on mobile is a resolution to being bored at a queue, at a bus stop – I think what we offer is an ability to use that time really positively and productively, not just to enjoy advertising of your choice but actually to do something rewarding with that time,” he added.

The concept of Adpoints is deceptively simple, and, as Pugh told this publication last month, feels like a win-win for both consumers, who are incentivised to earn free items, and brands, who get eyeballs and sidestep the problem of ad avoidance.

Cynics may hold the view that people will do anything for money, including daydream while watching adverts – but Adpoints asks for questions and feedback at the end of each session – which earns additional points – theoretically proving to brands that the audience is getting the message.

“The flip from a consumer perspective is ‘wow, what would be frustrating dead time is now positive points-earning time,” Pugh said, adding: “Although it’s very early days, the consumer response and the uptake we’re getting has been stunningly positive.”

Adpoints’ roadmap for the year ahead, according to Pugh, is to become a ‘must-buy’ solution for those who are in video advertising, and by the end of the year look towards exposure on TV.

Take a look at a screenshot of the mobile product below – what do you make of it?

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