SendGrid aims to get marketers and developers singing off same page with new release #AppsWorld

“Our goal is to ship the world’s wanted mail, not the world’s spam.” So claims Scott Williamson, director of product management at cloud-based email template provider SendGrid.

This goal is something the Colorado-based company takes very seriously, to the extent that they will “absolutely fire” customers who don’t follow email sending best practice.

Good sending habits, according to SendGrid, includes dropping non-responsive respondents, understanding the path of engagement and generally sending responsibly.

Either way, it represents common sense for both parties. “In the end it’s good for business for us to be working with senders who have good reputations in the industry,” Williamson adds.

With clients including Airbnb, Foursquare and Pinterest, SendGrid’s solution of sending transactional emails while stringently abiding by anti-spam policies is definitely working. Now the company is trying to further smooth the sometimes fractured relationship between marketers and developers with the release of SendGrid Template Engine.

Utilising RESTful APIs – which are easier to understand and don’t require the client to know anything about the structure of the API – the Template Engine aims to create seamless collaboration between departments on email marketing campaigns, allowing either marketer or developer ‘to take complete or partial control’ of a project.

“At the end of the day, transactional email template maintenance is a pain,” argues Williamson. “It takes a good amount of time, and it burns cycles between developers and marketers, because at times they’re not using the same tool, and they’re not speaking the same language, necessarily.

“The marketer wants to have a role in the look and feel and the content of the template, but without a feature like this, it’s mostly in the developer’s hands to make any changes to it.

“So you get this painful, time consuming, dragged out process between them,” he adds.

Williamson claims the feedback has been ‘excellent’ on the new product. “Since launch we’ve had thousands of API hits and hundreds of user interface visits daily, so the usage has been quick and impressive so far,” he adds.

Email marketing has long been a difficult beast to tame, with consumers becoming much more wary about what arrives in their inbox. SendGrid aims to stop the dreaded ‘spray and pray’ approach, yet argues that most marketers are getting better.

“A lot of marketers will segment their communications to people that fit a certain profile, or have engaged with them in a certain way, so maximising communications to those who have interests and minimising communications to those who don’t,” Williams notes, adding: “Sure, there’s plenty of noise but I think that marketers are getting much more sophisticated about how they communicate via email.”

SendGrid is an exhibitor at Enterprise Apps World, a spin-off of the successful Apps World event, on 17-18 June in London. Find out more about the show here.

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