Multi-device marketing’s reach moves to embrace wearable users

Advertisers can now tap into the growing market for wearable technology using FitAd, a recently launched wearable advertising platform for fitness and health-oriented brands and publishers.

Engagement on mobile health software is higher than almost all other categories of apps, making it a market ripe for advertisers. Nielsen’s own evidence points to 46 million users of apps averaging 16 uses each month for a period totalling one hour per engagement.

New York-based FitAd uses a mixture of programmatic advertising and direct seller channels to take advantage of the heightened engagement around health apps. The company also states it can target approximately 50 million monthly app and mobile site users.

Moment targeting

The ad platform’s founder Mort Greenberg, who was involved with the launch of Ask Jeeves, Metacafe, NBC Local Media and Nokia Advertising, has earmarked the exact point that will be most effective for marketers and uses this to sell ads.

“FitAd capitalises on what we call ‘Moments.’ Moments mark the start, completion or achievement of an important milestone within a fitness and health app or website,” he said.

“At these Moments, it is appropriate to match advertising to the Moment so that brands can acknowledge, recognise, reward or challenge users.”

Advertising around activities

A moment might include going for a swim, cycling down a hill, making your longest golf drive, beating a previous best in an activity, cooking a healthy meal or any other choice that can be captured by an app or website.

Users of FitAd might feel a vague sense of familiarity as the technology behind the platform is precisiontap, which has been developed and managed by AdMarvel and Opera Mediaworks.

By getting in on the ground floor, FitAd will be hoping to capitalise on the fact that, according to Flurry Analytics, fitness app usage is growing 87% faster than the overall app market.

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