Yandex offers to turn enterprise big data into strategic insights

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Search engine Yandex is giving enterprise businesses the chance to use its machine-learning technologies to transform unstructured data into valuable insights.

With Yandex Data Factory, enterprise companies can manipulate big data to boost sales, make their business more cost efficient, predict product demand and overhaul any audience targeting technology they currently use.

Yandex Data Factory is based on MatrixNet, the firm’s machine-learning technology, which deciphers information and decides if that data is a good answer to a question or not. The algorithms are said to require with very little past exposure to that data’s subject.

CERN in Switzerland was use as a test bed for Yandex Data Factory’s number-crunching ability. It searched for specific particle collisions, or events, among thousands of terabytes of information, with the insights being used in a number of publications.

Connected the right channel and customer

In a blog post, Yandex described how its machine-learning technology had also been adopted by a European bank to increase the sales of products by matching the optimum communications channels with consumers.

“By applying MatrixNet to behaviour data on a few million of the bank’s clients, we created a model that could predict net present value of communication of a product to a specific client via a specific channel,” it said.

“This model was then applied to the bank’s new data to generate personalised product recommendations for each client paired with communication channel and ranked by potential net profit value.”

Yandex is best known for its search business in Russia, but by offering this software as a service product it is hoping to expand into new industries and regions by targeting western businesses that want to bring order to their big data.

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