McDonald’s changes packaging, brings in QR codes globally

McDonald’s has launched its revamped packaging for takeaway bags and plastic cups to restaurants worldwide.

The redesign was put together by UK and Chicago-based design agency Boxer and launched in the US in January, and bears a passing resemblance to US fast food competitor Chipotle.

This now means that the QR code, which MarketingTech originally reported on back in February, will also be a more integrated part of McDonald’s packaging, allowing customers to access nutritional advice on their smartphones.

This may be something of a shot in the arm for the fast food giant, given a recent survey found that consumers were more embarrassed to be carrying a McDonald’s bag than any other fast food chain.

According to the survey results, in which participants were asked which bag they’d be most embarrassed to carry on the street, Subway scored 11%, Wendy’s 14%, Taco Bell 33% and McDonald’s 42%.

The source of the survey? Subway.

Perhaps it’s not the most reliable source of information, yet with McDonald’s promoting itself as a healthy franchise following the Supersize Me debacle with plenty of success, maybe old habits die hard.

Nevertheless, the QR code is certainly a step in the right direction. What do you think of the design?

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