Sony bets consumers are ready for a curved TV

Sony curved LED HDTV KDL-65S990A randy giustoOn Wednesday at IFA in Berlin Sony announced its first curved HDTV. Sony has gone more aggressive with curved than Samsung and LG have. Sony’s new 65-inch curved LED HDTV, the KDL-65S990A will be available to consumers on October 27 for $4000.

Curved LED HDTVs are being marketed as new all-in-one cinema experiences. They reproduce the slight curve similar to today’s movie theater screens while reproducing more brilliant colors than previous HDTV generations with its TRILUMINOS Display technology.

The curved designs also provide more depth to the view and claim to reduce eye fatigue, though I’m not sure that matters as much for the average family.

Sony curved LED HDTVSony’s new curved HDTV offering also incorporates eight multi-angled speaker surround to enhance the audio experience from the set itself, as brands seek ways to reproduce separate audio component experiences within the HDTV chassis itself.

The KDL-65S990A also supports 3D, which consumers have yet to embrace in large numbers.

Sony’s new curved LED HDTV also allows you to wirelessly connect Miracast or NFC enabled smartphones to display content from your mobile device to the bigger screen with automatic resizing.

But are consumers ready for a curved TV? Will curved HDTVs just be a fad much like 3D and Ultra-high definition models today?

HDTV brands are clearly looking for ways to differentiate at the high end now that LED technology and panel sizes have stabilized.

With nothing new in sight to break or even cannibalize the HDTV platform these new high end LED features feel like technology statements to show design leadership, rather than delivering a new mass market capability for the average household over time.

- Randy Giusto

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