An example of advertising you just can’t ignore

An example of advertising you just can’t ignore Ann Druce spent 15 years in marketing management for major companies including Unilever and Adcock Ingram before joining an ad agency. Today Ann heads up Octarine, a marketing communications and advertising agency, where she focuses on copywriting and marketing strategies for clients in the professional and industrial sectors. Specialty: I translate clients’ strategies into clear, relevant messages that reach their target markets.

On Friday, a very strange green car sped past me as I crossed the Umgeni River.  I was fascinated and needed a better view.

Now isn’t that the ideal response to an ad?  This road is notorious for speed traps, so I wasn’t going to chase after it, but for once, I hoped for a red robot so I could catch up take another look.  Happily the robots obliged, and I whipped out my cell phone to take a photo.

Car covered in grass

So what did Easigrass do right?

I think the success of this mobile outdoor advertising lies in a clear strategy, a simple and effective creative concept, and a great execution of that concept.

The ad is different
Differentiation is rule 101 in marketing, and this makes the brand stand out from the competition.

It’s quirky
This ad is certainly not just yet another ad in a home improvement magazine.  It’s quirky, unique and doesn’t take itself (or the brand) too seriously.  This might not work for every brand, but hey, we’re talking about fake lawns!

It’s single-minded
You’re in no doubt what’s being advertised.  You can see the product (and if you were walking by, you could even touch it.)

It’s memorable
It’s not often that you see a car completely covered in grass driving along the road!  And for me, it wasn’t enough to be entertained by the car, I needed to share this with others.

Show, don’t tell
The product benefits are clearly demonstrated – if this “grass” can withstand being blown around at 60 km per hour or more, it’s sure to withstand rain, wind and general wear and tear.

Clear contact details
A simple, easy-to-remember web address on the side window.  Though I don’t think the back window is as successful.  I find the phone numbers and QR code just clutter the small space that’s available – and no-one driving behind it is going to take note of details while they’re negotiating traffic.

Smart Car as mobile advertising medium

Hats off to Van Dyck Carpets.  Personally, I’m not a fan of artificial lawns, but the ad was compelling enough to demand I take a second look.

If you’d like help with your advertising, give us a call.  We’d love to create something that works for your particular brand.

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