Chrysler announces Ron Burgundy as spokesman for latest ad campaign

Fictional news anchor Ron Burgundy has been unveiled as the new star of Chrysler’s latest advertising campaign, promoting the American car manufacturer’s Dodge Durango range.

The series of adverts were released earlier this week on the official Dodge YouTube channel.

Burgundy, played of course by Will Ferrell, lends his talent to the campaign after a contra deal between Paramount Pictures and Chrysler, with each advert containing a promotion for the new Anchorman film, “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”, due out in the US in December.

This is particularly important, given Chrysler is the smallest of the main Detroit car companies, significantly behind General Motors and Ford in terms of advertising spend.

Speaking at an event unveiling the launch Olivier Francois, Chrysler head of marketing, said that he hadn’t heard of the fictional character or Anchorman – yet was stunned to see a room of employees in a brainstorming session reciting various lines from the film.

Thus the kernel of an idea formed. With Ferrell given free rein to write the advertising sketches, 70 commercials were created. Chrysler will be hoping this bet pays off – and given the original Anchorman film made over $90m at the box office, there’s a big audience out there to hit.

This is MarketingTech’s favourite ad of the lot – you can find the others here. What do you make of using a popular fictional character as the main protagonist for an ad campaign?

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