Harrods, John Lewis and Aldi top retail charts for social skills

When it comes to retail Harrods, John Lewis and Alti are the brands to beat in terms of social media compatibility, according to the latest research from RadiumOne.

The research split the companies into luxury brands, high street brands and supermarkets, with the three winners coming top of their respective categories.

Quality of engagement is better than quantity of numbers, according to the RadiumOne study.

Harrods was ranked at the top of the luxury brands section because it gained over 10 million likes from 435,917 Facebook fans. In contrast, Louis Vuitton did not get as much engagement from its social channels even though it has over 16 million followers on Facebook and Twitter combined.

Despite Aldi’s victory in the supermarket section, their figures are dwarfed by that of Tesco; 1.3m Facebook fans on Tesco compared to Aldi’s 228,000, with similar numbers for Twitter (92,000 v 31,000).

Yet Aldi had more than double the amount of overall mentions than Tesco on Twitter over 30 days, according to the research. Aldi also boasted the most Facebook posts in a month – 69, compared to 59 from Morrisons and 51 from Tesco – and over a thousand more Facebook comments than competitors.

It was a similar story in the high street section too, with Top Shop (4.2m) far ahead of the competition in terms of overall social followers compared with New Look (2.3m) and John Lewis (700,000).

“The league tables show us that the best performing retailers are those who frequently engage with their owned social audience, as well as focusing on their content strategy across the web,” said Abeed Janmohamed, RadiumOne European commercial director.

“Taking a qualitative approach is the most effective way for brands to relate to their audiences, rather than taking part in a simple popularity contest,” he added.

It’s not only social reputation, of course, but how you treat those brand followers. A recent study from the Reputation Institute, as reported by The Drum, showed that Microsoft had the best customer service, followed by Disney and Google.

Yet this research reveals just how important effective engagement is. What do you make of these results?

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