Adobe: Improving social strategy and marrying context with content #SMWF

Jeremy Waite, head of social consulting at Adobe EMEA, speaks to MarketingTech at Social Media World Forum about the tech giant’s social strategy, and the trends in social

Adobe continues to ramp up its position in the social sphere with Adobe Social. Launched last year, the tool is claimed as being unique, according to Waite, because of being able to overlay digital traffic on top of social traffic.

“At the moment, Adobe’s the only company in the world that can do that,” Waite explains. “You can end up with almost a leaderboard of fans – this is what they spent, this is how they spend their time – because of that we track about 19 billion transactions every day.”

Waite, whose former work includes TBG and transforming the social media profile of Phones 4u, is trying to build a concrete strategy with Adobe.

“I go in and help them build a social strategy,” Waite says, adding: “What should you measure? What shouldn’t you measure? Why should you be working on these different platforms?

“Then hopefully, put a plan together that ties all of that data together from across the business, not just ‘here’s some cool stuff to do on Facebook’ and ‘here’s a few tweets’.”

The increased sophistication of social media has been a concurrent theme at SMWF, with Lithium’s Prelini Udayan Chiechi discussing earlier today how to get ‘serious’ with social. Similarly, utilising more and more data, as well as emphasising engagement have also been key discussion points.

Waite has his own take on these issues, sounding caution for marketers using big data. “Just because you can measure all this stuff doesn’t mean you should," he notes.

“People say that content is king. The next generation of that is obviously context. Not just create amazing content; create amazing content for the right audience at the right time with the right message. You’ve got to think of your KPI (key performance indicator) – that should dictate your content strategy.

“The conversations you have with your audience are more effective, more engaged, and we get away from this mentality of ‘let’s buy more Facebook ads’, or ‘I’ll take another billboard’.

“Let’s find the right content, but let’s get good enough context based on our social intelligence and big data we’ve got, tie it all together and make it useful,” Waite concludes.

But what of the future? More focus on integration and less focus on the social networks seems seems to be the key, according to Waite.

“It seems to me that what we should do is take our eyes off the social networks and whatever the next shiny thing is and just become more obsessed with our customers. It makes no difference whether it’s Twitter, Instagram – they’re great tools, but you go where your customers are.

“It’s getting social integrated across an entire business. The digital side of the business has segmented and often doesn’t even talk to the social team. They get together once a quarter, make sure the Facebook share buttons are in the right place, but they still don’t join the dots.

“Things are going to get more integrated – it’s a no brainer.”

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