Real time bidding mobile ad spend up 275% says Adform

These days, just putting up an advert and expecting it to do the business and bring the clicks in isn’t enough. From rich media to cost per action and real time bidding (RTB), these more innovative advertising methods continue to fragment the marketplace.

And according to Adform’s latest RTB report, the amount spent on real time bidding advertising solutions went up to an all time high. This is particularly impressive given the traditional post Christmas slump of January and February, with March alone reporting a 66% increase in RTB spend from advertisers.

Adform attributes this astronomical growth to a number of reasons:

  • Increased supply and demand: because of new enabling technologies, programmatic buying is increasingly becoming an option for publishers looking for lead generation, with more and more budget being allotted to these campaigns

  • Increased buyer expertise: Advertisers “continue to advance through the programmatic learning curve”, according to Adform – with the market starting to mature this isn’t especially surprising

  • Premium publishers entering the game: As a result of “higher quality inventory”, and again due to the market’s maturation, big name players are willing to take the risk

  • Programmatic buying is getting easier: As mentioned in the first reason, advanced technology is helping this – as well as advertisers getting bigger toolsets for modifying their campaigns

“RTB spend has continued to increase as the industry realises the benefits of automated campaigns for reaching and engaging with the most relevant audiences,” explained Martin Stockfleth Larsen, Adform CMO in a statement.

Adform’s previous reports have centred on the RTB market, as well as research at the ad:tech conference in London last year revealing the dual attack of rich media and mobile being the biggest future trends for online advertising.

Do you see the RTB mobile ad trend only getting bigger in the coming months and years?

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