The psychic marketer and the rise of big data

Just like Paul the psychic octopus who famously predicted the results of football matches during the Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010 football, predictive technologies are set to make an even bigger impact in 2013. 

With a success rate of 85% Paul, the animal oracle correctly predicted 11 out of 13 matches in 2010 as well eventual winners, Spain against the Netherlands in the final on 11 July.  Not bad for a cephalopod.

Paul’s psychic powers may have been down to divine intervention but new predictive analytics use data patterns to make accurate forward-looking predictions on what we are likely to do next. 

A recent Gartner report said the business intelligence market is growing nine percent per year and will exceed $80 billion by 2014, with about 50 percent from predictive analytics.  However, this isn’t about ...

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