It's hard to swallow Pepsi’s latest video

Remember when Pepsi was the cool brand, pushing stodgy Coke’s buttons like a newly pierced college freshman coming home for Christmas? (Okay, that was a stretch, but you get it.)

That seems laughable these days, as Coke produces some of the most entertaining product-as-theatre on the Internet, and Pepsi… well, not so much.

The IDEA behind Pepsi’s most recent attempt at soda pop culture, though technologically sound, is as lame as the video execution. At a Beyoncé concert, a vending machine gave out a free Pepsi if you “liked” their Facebook page.

The concert-goers look understandably bored. The whole thing comes off as a corporate video. “Pepsi… teamed up with TBWA Belgium….” Then, instead of a smiling world-hugging, heart-tugging piece, Pepsi brings us a self-congratulatory droning piece on their marketing savvy, getting all those likes and building up their database.

One is left wondering, with all the dyspepsia, if the kids unliked the page the next day? What do you think?

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