Trade Show displays go digital for increased engagement

Trade shows have been around for a long time, and are still widely used by many enterprises for marketing, lead generation and general brand awareness. You can measure the number of leads you’ve generated from a trade show, and even track how many of those leads converted—but that takes a lot of time and effort. What if there was a way to make your display more interactive for increased engagement and enhanced analytics?

Interactive Display Elements Increase Engagement

You can stick to the old-fashioned method of handing out a brochure to every passerby—interested or not—and repeating your well-rehearsed elevator pitch over and over in hopes you’ll intrigue someone enough to come over and have a more detailed conversation with you.

Or, you can equip your trade show display with technology and interactive features that draw attendees to your stand with minimal effort, where you have a captive audience to start asking the right questions and starting those critical conversations. People like to be in control, and you’re giving them just that by showcasing a digitally equipped, modern and interactive display. 

There are a few different ways to incorporate interactive elements into your next trade show display.

Video and Monitor Displays – A video display does a few things to make your trade show experience more fruitful. First, it lessens the burden on you. Instead of making the standard sales pitch on a continuous loop, you can showcase your company’s digital creations. If you’ve used YouTube as a marketing channel, you can utilize those same informational videos and digital commercials to convey your message to visitors to your exhibit while you focus your attention on engaging in conversation with highly interested leads.

Kiosks– Instead of, or in addition to, the more standard display tables, include a kiosk in your next trade show display. Kiosks can be equipped with iPads or laptops, which can be used to ramp up the interactivity level at your exhibit. It’s the perfect display element to let attendees browse your company’s latest mobile application release or web application.

Workstations – Workstations are similar to kiosks but provide a larger work area and the option of including seating. Workstations are ideal for having attendees fill out a needs analysis or take a few minutes to test out a web application.  They’re also useful for sitting down for a one-to-one conversation or taking more in-depth information from a potential client or customer. Workstations are often used as a supplemental element, providing a separate area for more engaged interaction while the main display area is manned by another team member.

How to Increase Leads and Conversions at Trade Shows

Trade shows used to be a place where people would go to collect brochures and maybe score a couple of free pens. Today, trade shows are a digital and interactive paradise, where attendees are bombarded with opportunities to try out the latest tech and get the inside scoop on the hottest up-and-coming products.

If you attend a trade show where Google Glass is exhibiting, for instance, you can bet you’ll get a shot to try on a pair of Glasses. Think about ways you can let visitors experience your products or services. Digital printing companies could allow prospects to print a sample photo from a mobile device. Game developers could provide tablets for visitors to play. Digital marketing consultants might allow potential customers to scroll through and view campaigns and results. Here are a few ideas to make your next trade show event more interactive:

  • Come up with a simple yet industry-relevant game and offer prizes to the highest scorers at the end of the event. You’ll need to gather contact information to notify winners, which means you’re gathering leads.
  • Use a QR code. Even attendees who idly scan your code while passing by without actually engaging with you could connect with your website later and turn into a paying client.
  • If you’re marketing products, samples are a must. Let attendees see, feel and test out your latest products.
  • Give a demonstration. If you’re a service provider, come up with a way to visually demonstrate the services you offer. Even intangible services, such as social media consulting, could demonstrate setting up a campaign, how to collect data for analytics or ways to engage a digital audience.
  • Use a Twitter #hashtag during the event to discuss happenings and engage both attendees and other followers who aren’t attending. It’s a great way to start conversations, increase your exposure and generate more leads from a trade show event.

Trade shows don’t have to be boring. Incorporating some digital tactics to make your next trade show display more interactive will attract visitors to your booth like flies, generate more leads and make it more fun for you.

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