How Valentine’s Day has become more challenging for marketers [infographic]

A recent survey from engagement advertising provider SocialVibe has revealed how consumers are becoming less and less besotted with St Valentine’s Day – making it more difficult for marketers to get to the heart of what users want.

And love certainly isn’t all around social media; only one third of women polled will be posting something related to Valentine’s Day on Facebook.

According to SocialVibe's survey of 975 US consumers, more and more love birds are flying away, with people telling Cupid to stick his arrow where the sun doesn’t shine. Only half of those polled are celebrating Valentine’s Day (54% women, 50% men), whilst one in five women will spend less this Valentine’s Day compared to last year, perhaps going some way to proving that love is all you need.

Yet Andrew Reid of Vision Critical, blogging on iMedia Connection, believes that one aspect marketers overlook is targeting the ‘outliers’. “Most marketers are so busy focusing on how to sell to the population that enjoys it, that often they leave the non-lovers hanging,” wrote Reid.

“Marketers should consider a duel, or ubiquitous approach to targeting those in love and those that are single,” he added.

Take a look at the infographic below for more information:

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