Evian baby ad crowned most popular YouTube advert of 2013

Evian’s “baby & me” advert has been named the most popular advert of 2013 according to YouTube, beating off competition from Dove and Internet Explorer.

The advert for the bottled water brand, which clocked over 67 million views, featured its trademark babies with adults catching sight of their baby selves in a mirror and dancing to a track called ‘Here Comes The Hotstepper’ by Yuksek, remixed especially for the ad.

The Evian ad was so popular it even made the top five trending videos overall on YouTube, according to an official blog post:

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches came second at just over 60m views, with Internet Explorer’s ‘Child of the 90s’ piece scoring third with over 48m views:

Interestingly, the UK also saw Evian’s ad as the most popular. Following that was the much-acclaimed John Lewis Christmas advert, ‘The Bear and the Hare’ – a particularly impressive achievement given the advert only launched a month ago – as well as mobile operator Three’s ‘The Pony’ sketch. Dove’s advert placed 4th in the UK rankings.

The full list of the top 10 US and UK adverts is below. Which was your favourite this year?

Top 10 overall adverts:
1 - Evian "baby&me"
2 - Dove - "Real Beauty Sketches"
3 - Internet Explorer - "Child of the 90s"
4 - Pepsi MAX and Jeff Gordon - "Test Drive"
5 - PooPourri.com - "Girls Don't Poop"
6 - KMart - "Ship My Pants"
7 - GEICO Insurance - "Happier Than A Camel On Wednesday"
8 - Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial - "Farmer"
9 - Volkswagen - "Get In. Get Happy"
10 - Audi - "Prom"

Top 10 UK adverts:
1 - Evian - "baby&me"
2 - John Lewis - "The Bear and The Hare"
3 - Three - "The Pony"
4 - Dove - "Real Beauty Sketches"
5 - O2 - "Be More Dog"
6 - Honda - "Hands"
7 - PlayStation - "See It First At E3 Teaser"
8 - Pepsi MAX - "Bus Levitation with Dynamo"
9 - FIFA 14 - "We Are FIFA 14"
10 - Sony - "Sound, Vision, Colour, Detail"

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