Google Glass: What will it bring to businesses?

We’re sure you’re all in the know about Google Glass by now, but have you considered the effect these specs might have on your business? The techno-enthusiasts at Google HQ have designed and implemented a whole new way of browsing and using a computer with an innovative optical head-mounted computer in the form of glasses; the headset is intended to be used similarly to a smartphone with swipe-action browsing and voice-controlled command inbuilt into the glasses.

Google’s intention behind the invention is to bring ubiquitous browsing by freeing your hands and allowing technology to enhance every aspect of your life, but what does this mean for businesses such as cinemas, bars, restaurants and night clubs? And how have professional businesses taken to the invention?

The creation of glasses with recording software and picture enabling abilities, as well as location detection technology, means people wearing them are able to take pictures and record anything they see which could lead to potential privacy issues, especially in the nightclub environment. This is not only a legal issue as far as recording the public without consent is concerned, it is also antisocial and can affect not only the staff working within these business premises, but other customer’s experiences as a whole.

Google Glass in the office

In terms of invading the professional space, Google Glass has found its way into workplaces everywhere, forcing bosses to reinforce health and safety regulations, remind staff not to invade the privacy of colleagues (particularly in the toilets!) as well as create new regulations which ensure drivers do not wear the glasses when operating vehicles at work.

Google Glass and marketing

There are of course positives to Google Glass for business too; for one, specific ads can be targeted to users much like they are with internet browsing. This will allow businesses to get more creative with their adverts and directly target their desired market by literally putting the ad right before their eyes!

Business owners would also have to take into consideration the usability of their site with Google Glass, much as they would with smartphones, as browsing on Google Glass is identical to mobile browsing. Interactive advertising screens are being designed specifically for companies to post their digital adverts on buses, bus stops and on poster boards around the world which will be designed to personalise ads depending on what the user has browsed previously. Similarly to QR codes, these advertising boards intend to make buying products and collecting offers or vouchers almost instant for the Glass wearer, revolutionising the way consumers shop and are influenced.

Work on the go!

Google Glass will also mean individual workers will be able to keep business processes wherever they are in the world; the introduction of cloud-based apps will enable businesses stay on top of things. This will be favourable to fast-paced business types, jetting off for meetings around the world, but it would also make hot desking and freelancing a little more interesting too!

Google Glass is more of a concept invention at the moment, with the computer not being available to the buying public as of yet; however,  with the possibility of it  becoming available to a wider audience  at some point over the next year, its effect on the business world must be considered – it will inevitably be a great one! With cloud-based computing as well as targeted adverts wherever the user happens to be, Google Glass has the opportunity to revolutionise the way companies do business as well as reinventing digital marketing strategies for many.

How do you think businesses will be impacted when Glass is more readily available?

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