Specific email send time vital for engagement, says survey

A new survey from StrongMail and conducted by Zoomerang has revealed that four out of five business leaders have seen an increase in engagement and revenue if emails are delivered at a specific time of day.

Similarly, three in five admit that if promotional emails aren’t sent on time, there is a noticeable decrease in campaign revenue.

43.3% of the 743 respondents said that having promotional emails arrive during a specific delivery window was “very beneficial”, with a further 42.6% saying it was “somewhat beneficial”.

The most important reason for getting time specific emails right was increased engagement, with 64.6% citing it, with 52.4% being able to run more time-sensitive promotions. More revenue (33.2%), better customer service (25.3%) and a bigger competitive advantage (23%) made up the top five.

Surprisingly though, just over three in five (61.3%) currently don’t schedule and segment their email campaigns by time of day. 13.4% of respondents said that they “don’t see the value” of testing for an optimal delivery window.

Yet the research also showed how difficult keeping to that optimal delivery window was. 42% of those surveyed admitted that they didn’t always keep to schedule, with an unsurprising three quarters saying they wanted more control over the arrival time of their campaigns.

Perhaps worryingly, 62.2% of respondents noted a substantial drop off in sales conversions within 24 hours.

“The time when an email arrives in a recipient’s inbox can play a significant factor on whether it’s read or acted upon,” said David Atlas, senior VP marketing at StrongMail, who added: “However it’s clear from this survey that not enough marketers are testing for optimal delivery windows, nor have the control they need to get messages delivered when they can be most effective”.

These figures have comparison to a recent survey from email marketers Emailvision which found that many big UK e-retailers don’t ask for data as simple as gender, date of birth and phone number for their email campaigns.

Evidently, plenty of companies aren’t making the most of their promotional email strategy. Emailvision’s Henry Smith told MarketingTech: “The big opportunity is to unlock the potential of their data, and the power of the communication, by using the data to really understand the customer”.

The message seems to be there: don’t take promotional emails for granted, because even the slightest slip can be costly in terms of conversions. Are you making the most of your email campaigns?

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