How often should I check analytics?

Every business today should have a website, but just setting up a website really isn’t good enough. If you’re going to invest in website design and hosting, it’s important to monitor the success of the website in order to look for ways to improve it.

That’s why it’s necessary to set up a Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics is a free tool that can provide website owners with a wealth of information including entrance keywords for every page of content, pages viewed, sources of visitors, time spent on the site, bounce rate, and more.

This information can be very helpful in gauging the success of an SEO campaign and of online marketing efforts overall.

A Google Analytics account is essential, but sometimes a website owner can become so consumed with the numbers that it becomes an obsession. The data is extremely beneficial and helpful, but it doesn’t need to be looked at every day.

For a larger website, checking analytics on a weekly basis is sufficient. A larger website typically has much more data to analyze in order to make improvements. For a smaller website, once a month is recommended.

Even though it’s advisable to check your analytics on a weekly or monthly basis to stay on top of things and be aware of any drastic changes, it’s important not to make any rash decisions based on such a small amount of data.

One week or one month is a very small amount of time in relation to the lifetime of the website as a whole.

SEO and most online marketing efforts in general are very long term in nature. In order to get a clearer picture of website success in order to make changes, it’s important to give it at least 3 months or more.

There could be many reasons for a dip in visitors over one month. It could be the seasonality of the product or service. For example, a lawn care provider shouldn’t worry about a large dip in traffic in January. People simply aren’t interested in the service at that time!

Every business and situation is different, but for the most part analytics shouldn’t be studied to death on a daily basis and analytics data over a period of one or two months should not result in drastic business changes. Analytics should be used to view a trend over extended periods of time.

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