3 Blog Posts That Draw Visitors

In order to drive traffic to your blog, you need to post frequently. You also need to choose the right type of blog posts for your readership. Depending on your blog's subject, this might mean regular news updates, opinion pieces or something else, but there are a few types of blog posts that are almost always successful. Here are three types of posts that can bring more visitors to your website.

1. Interviews
Your readers will always appreciate interviews, because interviews change the tone of the blog temporarily and bring another perspective. Format interviews with questions in bold text and your interviewee's answers in normal text. Give a brief introduction to explain why the interviewee is an interesting person.

Make sure that you're interviewing people who have something significant to say. Look for CEOs, celebrities and other interviewees who can drive traffic to your blog. You can often get them to contribute simply by calling or emailing them and asking. Also remember that you can cut out boring or irrelevant parts of an interview, but check with your guest before you post the finished product.

2. Lists
Lists are one of the tried-and-true blog post types because they're formatted in a logical way, they're fun to read and they invite discussion. There are plenty of successful websites that post absolutely nothing but lists. In fact, you're reading a list-type blog post right now.

Lists are also easy to write, but be careful to research these posts. Format them carefully and include plenty of relevant images to build on your points.

3. Well-formatted editorials
Opinion pieces can drive a ton of traffic, especially if they include personal experience and build to a powerful conclusion. People love sharing well-written opinion pieces, so they can go viral quickly.

However, formatting is important with any type of editorial article. Be sure to break your piece up into easy-to-read sections. Consider including a list, if it fits the subject matter of your piece. Look for relevant images. Make sure that it scans and flows easily and you'll drastically increase your chances of going viral.

Above all else, if you want to build your blog's audience, you'll need to experiment with different post types and get on a regular update schedule. Look at your website usage stats and try to figure out what resonates with your readers. If you can keep updating your blog with relevant posts, you'll have a much easier time building an audience.

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