Twitter expands Promoted Tweets on mobile

Twitter expands Promoted Tweets on mobile Covering a range of topics within key technology sectors, including apps, development, marketing and IT, Dani is Online Editor of Marketing Tech. Contact her via Twitter on @Dani_Millward

Twitter announced yesterday that it will expand its promoted tweets on mobile apps.

Promoted Tweets will now appear in user timelines on their mobile devices that Twitter feel are of relevance and interest, but from brands that the user doesn’t necessarily follow.

Advertisers will also be able to choose whether to target all platforms, or just specifics including iOS, Android or desktop.

Twitter published a blog post, which said: “For years, brands around the world have used Twitter to reach consumers with timely, relevant deals, discounts, news and information. And every day, millions of Twitter users who follow brands are turning to their mobile devices to hear from the companies they care about most.”

The first announcement was made last month, when the social network allowed Promoted Tweets to be shown to people who are following the brand. This expansion is aimed to improve mobile device targeting for brands who want to spread their messages to particular users.

“Given that 55% of the more than 100 million users who log in to Twitter every month do so at least once via mobile, this expanded roll out of Promoted Tweets in mobile is a great opportunity for brands to connect with more users, more of the time.”


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