Can Too Many Pages Hurt Your SEO?

Search engine optimization is about improving the search engine and overall web presence of a website, but not just the website as a whole. A good SEO campaign will improve the search engine and web presence of each individual page of a website. So, does that mean that there is a specific number of pages that a business website should have for SEO purposes? Is it possible to have too many and can that hurt your SEO? It depends.

Every business is different, which means that every business website is different. Obviously the size of a local restaurant website is going to be a lot smaller than a national e-commerce website. Each business website should have the number of pages that is right for them. There is no exact number.

However, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Sure, the search engines like content and reward websites that are updated regularly. But they only reward websites that have lots of GOOD, unique content. Don’t build out pages just for the sake of SEO and getting noticed by the search engine spiders.

Always keep your target audience members in mind. Creating one page that is nearly identical and has similar information to another page ruins the user experience and will also hurt you from an SEO perspective. Not only will the search engines not know which page to rank for specific keywords, but it also means that you are essentially competing with yourself. If the content is very similar it could even be considered duplicate content, which is also frowned upon by the search engines.

On the other hand, having too few pages can also hurt. People go to a business website to learn more about a particular product or service that you offer. A website should address any question or concern that a current or potential customer or client may have. If it doesn’t, the website is essentially useless. The search engines want to provide users with the best possible results. If your website content is thin, it’s doubtful that you will be considered a best possible result.

For usability and SEO purposes, consider your business and the number of pages that makes the most sense. Don’t force excess pages just for SEO. That plan will backfire. There is no set number that is considered “too many” pages by the search engines. What the search engines consider is the quality of each page. As long as they are all good and serve a purpose there aren’t “too many” and you won’t undergo any kind of penalty.

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