How to Be a Better Business Blogger

With a newfound focus on social networking, business blogging seems to have lost some of the attention that it rightly deserves. Social networking is important for business today, but it should never replace blogging. A business blog that is part of a company website is valuable because for many reasons.

It allows website visitors to learn more about the strategies and philosophies of the business and establishes trust amongst target audience members. Business blogging also has search engine optimization benefits. Each post creates an additional web page that can rank in the search engines for specific keywords. When it comes to business blogging, it’s important to have realistic expectations. It’s a long term strategy and in order for the blog to be successful it’s important to do the following:

Make it a Priority
Operating a business blog is much different than blogging as a hobby. It’s an important part of a content marketing strategy. Blog visitors get accustomed to a routine, which is why it’s so important to set a schedule and stick to it. If you typically post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday blog readers will come to expect a new post on those days. Don’t let them down. Writing blog posts is just as important as every other business initiative. Post regularly and stick to your chosen routine.

Post Relevant Content
The content discussed on a business blog should be focused and discuss only topics that are relevant to the business. Don’t write a post about your last vacation or your thoughts on the current political climate. That will confuse readers and potentially turn them off. Stick to discussing topics that are business related.

Promote Blog Posts
If you’ve spent lots of time crafting a blog post you want people to actually read it, right? Promote your blog posts via social media and submit guest posts to other industry blogs that will allow you to link back to your own blog in the author bio.

Brainstorm Topics
One of the hardest parts about blogging on a regular basis is deciding on content topic ideas. Inspiration can come at any time and it’s important to keep a topic notebook or a document on your computer that you can refer to when it’s time to write. Don’t censor your ideas; write them down even if they might not be perfect. You can work on crafting the right approach when the time comes.

Don’t Over Think
Over thinking can often lead to not doing. A blog post doesn’t need to be worthy of an award, it just has to provide a few good nuggets of information that is helpful to your target audience.

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