Digital Marketers: Bring the focus back to the consumer

In the past year, digital marketing has been about the ever-increasing expansion of new technologies at our disposal. Digital marketers have certainly enticed customers using these new channels married with the innovative technology, for example, promotions over Facebook, mobile-optimised emails and personalised mobile offers. Whilst we need to maintain this emphasis on innovation, digital marketers need to bring the focus back to the consumer to increase ROI.

So, across all the digital channels from SMS to email to online, digital marketers need to concentrate on attaining and retaining customers by improving their communication, encouraging interaction and deploying the most effective technologies available to them to achieve the conversion rates brands are looking for.

Here are my top tips for creating customer-centric campaigns over the next twelve months:

1.        Integrate to communicate

Digital channels have always been thought of as separate mediums– mobile, email, social. This is changing with consumer’s habits. For a consumer that uses social media, shops online (or even on a mobile-optimised site) and in store, as well as being opted in to mobile/social/email promotions, will expect the brand to know this.

Consumers need to see consistent messages across all platforms with campaigns that are optimised for all devices. If marketers ensure this, customers will be more likely to interact with the brand because it is sending them relevant messages over the media of their choice.

 So, we will no longer see marketing specialists in one field, whether it be mobile or online, but consumer strategists in digital marketing, so that campaigns can be rolled out over multiple channels across the digital spectrum, focusing on the consumer.

2.       Speak less, but more convincingly

Now we have addressed the convergence of channels, we need to look more in depth at the messaging, where marketers need to pick quality over quantity when constructing their digital campaigns. Rather than having customers that engage once with a brand, marketers need to forge relationships, limiting ‘communication’ in favour of ‘conversation’.

One way they’ll do this is by adding interactive elements (like game mechanics) to campaigns or they may simply rely on customer segmentation, making sure customers only see relevant promotions. A more targeted, less frequent and succinct approach to consumer marketing, where each interaction holds real value, will make digital marketing more effective.

3.       Invest in Technology

To make interactions supremely relevant, marketers need to operate on real-time mechanics, personalise promotions and rewards by using customer data and also, transmit messages across the customer’s preferred digital channel.  This level of detail requires sophisticated technology solutions both with regard to analytics and segmentation as well as creating the actual content that is delivered to the consumer.

The amount of innovation in this field is staggering and marketers are yet to realise the full capabilities of new technology, which moves well beyond the CRM domain and which radically improves the effectiveness of any form of digital marketing

This technology allows marketers to use the data at their disposal effectively, allowing them to achieve acute customer segmentation to create accurate customer profiles. This in-depth analysis of a customer’s interactions ensures that they will only receive promotions that are relevant, making them more likely to trust the brand and, therefore, opt in to receive further communications.

If technology is used correctly, it will allow digital marketers to decide what to sell, who to sell to and how best to communicate their message.


So, going forward, the digital marketer needs to look at the digital spectrum as a whole, constructing integrated digital campaigns that are personalized and relevant to the consumer. If the marketer abides by the age-old rule of listening to the customer while investing in innovative technology, they should see strong ROI in the year ahead.


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