LiveChat: The next customer communication channel?

With business revenue proving to be a struggle during the current economic climate, providing a good customer experience bolstered by good customer service is do-or-die. Recent statistics revealed that 62% of consumers would not do business with a firm again if their expectations were not met. Therefore, now is the time to solve those concerns by focusing your attention on your company’s most valued asset, the one that keeps the cogs turning: the customer.

Most industry figures estimate that e-commerce cart abandonment rates remain around the 60% mark, a shockingly high level of attrition. Experts agree that this is caused by customer confusion and lack of information, intensified by poor online customer service options.
Consumers want answers, fast, and the Internet only amplifies this impatience for real-time information and instant gratification. Solutions such as email and telephone support often lead to lengthy wait times and frustrated customers, and dissatisfied customers nowadays take to the likes of social media as a means of expressing their anger.

By writing a complaint on their Twitter page regarding your product, that complaint can be seen and easily manipulated by all of their friends. This greatly amplifies the effect of the initial problem. Judging by the staggering 79% of consumers who shared their complaints about poor customer experience online and had their complaints ignored, businesses are still failing to take this problem seriously.
If you’re not taking full advantage of all of the channels that your consumers are using, they will assume you’re ignoring them – which can result in big consequences to your business no matter what the size of your company is.
The truth is that, in spite of the benefits that the Internet brings to businesses, the online experience lacks the personal touch and that sense of customer service that makes the physical store so successful.

Too many companies follow the rudimentary rules when putting a face to their brand online. If you want to be successful you have to offer as many aspects to it as you would expect to find on the high street. To overcome this issue in the virtual world, a growing number of retailers worldwide are turning to live chat software.

This true online customer engagement - using live audio and video, as well as text chat, will bring a new dimension to online customer service. This also helps increase sales for organisations that are willing to listen to customer needs. With comparison tools now easily available online, personal online engagement will be the key differentiator between profitable companies and those just trying to keep up.
More than 20% of people who are solicited for chat go on to make a purchase. Add video and audio capabilities to the mix, and the opportunities for revenue generation increase even more as the personal interaction grows.

Phone House Sweden, part of the Carphone Warehouse group has recently deployed Netop Live Guide and has seen inquiries rise by more than 200% each month - underlining how effective the service is as a communication channel. Other customers who have deployed live chat include SAS Airlines who saw telephone response times of up to several minutes replaced by chat response times of just five seconds.

Because Live Chat allows a more personalised customer connection customers can get what they want more quickly and easily. As a result, businesses streamline the efficiently of their sales and customer processes.

This year with competition growing faster than ever it’s all about getting more personal with your customers as e-commerce sales take a leap. Gradually, as more and more computers come equipped with webcams and microphones, two-way audio and video communication will become the norm. Customers will begin to expect, and prefer, an interactive approach that goes beyond emails and telephones, to one that includes a rich multi-media customer experience.


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