3 key trends for digital marketing strategy success

The social media space can be confusing and difficult when developing a digital marketing strategy. I believe there are 3 key trends that every company should focus on to help clarify, simplify and ensure a greater chnace of success: People bringing their real identities online; Discovery playing a bigger role and Role of Influencers.

There are 3 key trends that I believe that every marketer and company looking to be more active digitally should be thinking about. Of course, there are many trends and changes happening, but a focus on the implications of these 3 key ones should help ensure bigger and better returns for the brand or company.

#1: People are bringing their "real" identity online!

People used to hide behind "fake" personas online. They could be a different age, sex, or live somewhere different - they could project whatever they wanted to be.

 However, we are now seeing the "real" person online due to things like Facebook. People are giving their real names, ages, likes and revealing more of themselves. This means that you can better target and better communicate to them. This is because you can have people sign in to sites using their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles. This means you can understand people coming to your site better - and give them more personalized experiences.

For example, someone who lives in London, supports Manchester United and loves football could be shown relevant branded kit and where to buy it in London instead of a generic experience. People are EXPECTING a more personal and relevant experience as a payback and reward for sharing their real identity.

#2: Social is taking on search!

Previously, most sites and businesses relied on search to help their target find them. Search was, and still is, a major and key tool.

But, increasingly social media is playing a bigger role. People are "discovering" brands and companies through recommendations, "likes" and re-tweets in their social networks. People trust what friends and others they trust recommend off-line, and now this is coming online.

It is key that companies think not just about search, but also how they can ensure they are being "discovered" through social media links and recommendations.

#3: It's all about influencers!

In reality, not everyone is the same when it comes to the online world. Sites like Klout and Kred are trying to find ways to measure and compare people online based on how many people follow them across social networks, how active they are and how they seem to influence others based on re-tweets, likes and so on.

We know that people admit that they trust recommendations from friends and people they trust. And so you need to try and identify who the influencers could be, and try and ensure they are actively supporting and promoting you.

3 key trends that could make a huge difference to the success of any digital marketing strategy.

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30 Jun 2012, 9:27 p.m.

True! Also mobile is anymore (or should finally be!) a must have.