Presentation slides from the Marketing Tech track at #SMWF

Presentation slides from the Marketing Tech track at #SMWF
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We partnered with SMWF last week, a London-based social media event and exhibition looking at some of the latest tools and techniques marketers are employing across the industry. Thanks to all the SM practitioners who came down to share their expertise in the Marketing Tech track, and to everyone that came down to pick up some tips and techniques; hope you got what you came for.

We had a great couple of days meeting loads of you. Here are the presentation slides from our track, from speakers representing leading social media brands and businesses across the industry.

Lance Concannon – Text100 – Social Media & B2B Comms

Lance is the social media lead for Text 100 UK, where he focuses on helping clients to build better relationships with their audiences through digital and social media channels.

He has worked in digital PR since 2005, developing and executing social media communications activities for world leading brands such as IBM, AMD, Sony Electronics, and Oracle. Prior to this he worked as a technology journalist for over a decade, most recently contributing to Internet Magazine at EMAP as the title’s technical editor for four years.

Gigya – Patrick Salyer – The social imperative: Why social business must adapt

As Chief Executive Officer, Patrick is responsible for Gigya’s overall business strategy and day-to-day operations. Patrick previously held the position of Vice President of Strategy and Operations at Gigya, driving retail product strategy and operations as well as strategic partnerships including relationships with the top social networks and identity providers including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft. He was also instrumental in building and managing Gigya’s high-performing sales development organization.

Rosh Singh – Gamaroff Digital – Social by Design: The art of creating a truly social experience

After starting his career within various digital departments of the Music Industry, Roshan focussed on email marketing, managing high profile clients such as HSBC and Screwfix. Joining Facebook Preferred Consultants, Gamaroff Digital in early 2011, Roshan brings his experience in various realms of digital marketing to the social table and is instrumental in the development of ground-breaking strategies that help to keep Gamaroff at the cutting-edge of social media marketing innovation.

Geoff Hughes – Facebook Developer Garage – Creating an efficient Facebook ecosystem

Geoff Hughes has been working in social media since May 2007 when Mark Zuckerberg announced the Facebook Platform. Graduate experience at Accenture allowed Geoff to rapidly launch the first Facebook e-Commerce experience, Fund it Frog. Hughes brings deep industry experience from consultants Social Media Guy, application developers Nudge Social Media, conversation tool managers Syncapse and now strategic advisors, Social clay. He has advised such global brands as Unilever, BT, Speedo, Vodafone, BBC World Service, Openreach, Sony, and the Daily Mail General Trust. Hughes has been called upon for live National and World affairs opinion by both the BBC News and Sky News. He is the Hon. Treasurer for the Facebook Developer Garage in London. Geoff holds a 1st kyu in Seiki Juku karate and spends much of his spare time training.

Catriona Oldershaw – Synthesio – “Finding the pulse of your customers with social media monitoring”

An award-winning digital marketer, Catriona has held senior agency and in-house marketing roles both in the UK and New Zealand. She was European B2B Marketing Director for mobile internet company AvantGo, helped to launch CDMA mobile networks for the New Zealand business market for Telecom Mobile, and headed up Metia’s customer reference programme practice for clients such as Microsoft and Dell.

Meltwater – The Paddington & Co case study + Dan Purvis – Meltwater – Engagement is Key

Dan Purvis heads up Meltwater’s global PR and is currently responsible for PR agencies across seven countries from Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand.  While consistently balancing the need for sustainable, impactful PR campaigns that incorporate social/digital media in the mix, I ensure that game-changing PR strategies are aligned to our commercial goals and objectives.

Giles Palmer -Brandwatch – Social media monitoring – “Cutting through the c**p”

As founder and CEO of Brandwatch, Giles has led the company to become one of the world’s premium social media monitoring tools and a pioneer in crawling the web, Natural Language Processing and big data analysis.

Giles has been recognised as a key figure in technology start-ups in the UK and was recently invited to speak at Downing Street on Entrepreneurs and Angel Investment, with Prime Minister David Cameron and Investor and “Dragon” Peter Jones amongst his audience.

Paul Fennemore – Viapoint – Market Segmentation and social networks

Paul has deep expertise in social media and most areas of eMarketing and eBusiness. Paul specialises in Social Media marketing and enterprise communications. He is a Managing Partner of Viapoint, the leading social media services provider.

Andrew Barendrecht – Tibr – Bringing social knowledge management to the enterprise

Andrew Barendrecht has over 18 years’ experience contracting in knowledge and information management, performance improvement, collaboration and virtual working. Andrew’s Career started at the Technical University Delft in 1993 as a web consultant moving on soon in 1995 to work for Shell deploying web based collaboration throughout 32 countries and consulting on the European Space Agency collaborative environment.

Lars Ploughman – Tibr – Social in the Enterprise

Lars Plougmann is the Enterprise Adoption Strategist for tibbr, striving to maximize the value our clients get from their investment in the tibbr social enterprise platform. With a strong background in social business design and enterprise 2.0 workplace collaboration, Lars brings over 15 years of experience defining and driving strategic technology-enabled business change. For more than a decade, Lars lived in London which is where his interest in social software took off leading to a role with Headshift, an innovative social software consulting and implementation firm. Lars is an economist by trade and lives in Austin, Texas.

Marco Coraso – 77 Agency – How to translate in-store sales into incremental sales & CRM

Marco is one of the Founders and the Managing Director of the independent new media marketing agency, 77Agency Ltd.

Marco graduated in Turin in Business and Economics in 1999 and then started his career in investment banking in London. As a banker Marco was involved with the creation and launch of online bank IWBank which was ultimately sold to Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS).


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