How to Create an Effective Pay-Per Click Campaign that Actually Works!

As most everyone knows, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has an immediate cost associated with it. And if you do it wrong, it could mean a lot of money goes straight down the drain.

However, if you do it correctly, the rewards are plentiful.

The nice thing about AdWords is, you can set up an account in five minutes or less and start seeing results right away. You can also replace it immediately with something new if your ads aren’t working.

Another benefit of PPC is the fact that you can show your ads to everyone and everywhere on the Internet… or you can target your campaign to specific countries, regions, states, and even cities.

Best of all, you don’t need to start off with a major investment. You can begin with a minimum amount…gauge your results and tweak accordingly.

You start by watching how the search engine performs in terms of the traffic it delivers to you, and then make note of how well your traffic converts into paying customers. Based on these findings, you then accurately alter, if needed… …your marketing tactics.

Now…Before you embark on your pay-per-click advertising campaign, understand that it all starts with your tiny little ad.

Writing a Pay-Per-Click Advertisement That Works!

Pay-per-click ads are usually limited to four lines of text: a headline, two lines of body copy, and your URL. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to use an URL that describes your product. Note: You can also create and upload a separate landing page that is linked to your website!

If your website sells refurbished appliances for example, your URL could be something like or

The body of your ad should offer an enticing and, if possible, immediate benefit to the reader. It might say something like “Discounted energy efficient units now available…While supplies last,” or “24 hr.Sale -Below retail energy efficient appliances.”

Your headline should grab your prospective customer’s attention. A headline like “Save Money On Energy Costs” or “Find Wholesale Appliance Deals?” can convince your prospect to click on your ad. By the way – These ads I’ve written for this piece are spectacular (A topic for another day) and would generate fabulous results!

Brainstorming headlines is worth the time you invest in doing it, because a good headline can double or even triple your response rate. Start by taking a look at headlines that are working well for your competitors. Hint: The ones that are working well are those you see repeated over and over.

Here are six additional and very powerful tips for making your PPC ads convert better and stand out on the Internet:

1. Use your keywords in the ad text — especially in your headline. Keywords in your ad text that match what was searched for present in bold type.

2. Offer something free or promote a sale. Everyone likes free stuff and bargains.

3. Use symbols or odd punctuation. This can catch a searcher’s eye and make them click your ad over your competitors’ ads.

4. Be specific. “100 Ways to Increase Your Bottom Line” is better than “How to Increase Your Bottom Line.”

5. Point out the uniqueness of your product. Every good product has qualities (Refer to your USP) that make it stand out from the competition.

6. Make your offer urgent. Giving prospects a reason to reply now rather than later will increase response rates.

Start small and always gauge your results to find out what works best. And when you use Google AdWords, you can let Google rotate several versions of your ads and then optimize the best ones for the best results.

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