Trade Show Checklist: Preparing For Your Event

Important things to remember when preparing for your trade show.

If you have ever had the experience of attending a professional trade show event, it can appear to be a relatively simple, pain-free procedure from the outside. You pack up your supplies and your team, head down to where the event is taking place, set up your table and start connecting with potential leads! And while these are the essential tasks performed by trade show exhibitors, the details and plans behind these occurrences go much, much deeper.

If you have talked with a trade show exhibitor or walked past a booth which seemed comfortable and flawless in their execution, chances are they spent hours and hours prepping and practicing to appear that way. This is because there are so many details and plans that go into each and every trade show exhibit, that you have to be completely on top of your game to ensure that no mistakes are made.

However, even then, it is easy to forget one of your confirmation documents or the pile of handouts back at your office. And as innocent and minor as these mistakes may seem, no business can afford to forget something that may have an effect on the success of their trade show event.

In order to ensure that you have all of your bases covered when it comes to your trade show exhibit, we have put together a list of simple things you should remember when preparing for your next show:

Create A Strategy

Perhaps the most important asset to the success of your companies trade show is your marketing and sales strategy. If you do not come up with a well-organized, effective plan for connecting with attendees and collecting leads, you will not achieve the goals that you have set up for yourself. This business strategy can have simple tasks such as talk with five industry leaders, or even ambitious goals such as generate thirty qualified prospects.

Connect With Attendees Beforehand

Sometimes it takes more than just one initial face-to-face meeting to connect with potential clients and land new business leads. For this reason, it is good idea to connect and set up meetings with potential clients before you get to the trade show event. Be sure to look over the event call sheet and see which businesses will be attending that you are hoping to connect with. Once you have generated a nice list, email them asking to connect further once you arrive at the event.

Organize All Of Your Paperwork

When you are hustling and rushing to get all of your last minute business plans together, it can be easy to forget about the simple things, such as your confirmation paperwork or your rental agreements. Be sure that you have all of your necessary documents collected in one spot so that it is easy to locate when it comes time to leave. Also, it doesn’t hurt to make copies of all travel, trade show and hotel documents and hand them off to another member of your group, just in case.

After months and months of planning and preparation, the last thing you want to foil your trade show experience is a simple employee error or an unforeseen mistake. Following a simple trade show checklist is a great way to prepare for your event and ensure that all of your last-minute details are taken care of.

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